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Region’s leading vending machine supplier offering a complete selection of coffee, snacks, cold drinks and food machines.

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Vending Machines For Sale Solihull

Welcome to Exact Vending, your premier supplier of vending machines in Solihull. If you think a vending machine would go great in your building, office space or premises, then look no further.

Our vending machines for sale in Solihull are completely FREE to loan out. There are no hidden costs or drawbacks. There are no long-term contracts, no hidden fees and no rental costs.

And it gets better. Our vending operators, completely free of charge, will:

  • Re-stock and resupply your vending machines in Solihull.
  • Carry out routine maintenance.
  • Fix your vending machine in case of a breakdown.
  • Deliver the tastiest, most popular branded snacks and drinks on request.

So if you’re looking for vending machines in Solihull, you can’t go wrong with Exact Vending.

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Free Vending Machines Solihull

We are confident that we have some of the best free vending machines in Solihull on offer. Check out our free vending machines brochure for a view of our collection.

Some of the most popular requests that we have include:

  • Office vending machines in Solihull.
  • Small vending machines in Solihull for desk or tabletops.
  • Coffee vending machines (including the best branded vending machine coffee).
  • Vending machines that deliver hot and cold drinks.
  • Healthy vending machines with primarily healthy snacks.

Remember, there is no vending machine cost for our vending machines. Just let us know what it is you are after and one of our vending operators in Solihull will get out to you.

No Vending Machine Cost. No Small Print. No Problem. Contact Us Today For Vending Machine Hire In Solihull And The Midlands.

We have been working hard to deliver exceptional vending machine service to our customers in Solihull and the Midlands for many years. As an independent supplier, we can offer impartial advice about the best quality products and machines for your circumstances.

Without being tied down to one manufacturer, we can source the very best vending machine coffee, snacks, and other refreshments.

Your Local Vending Machine Supplier

With no vending machine cost to think of, our free vending machines in Solihull and the Midlands area provide the ideal choice for businesses, locations, and premises just wanting to provide people with a drink or snack.

Contact us on 0800 542 1559 or fill in the contact forum to speak to us.

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