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Region’s leading vending machine supplier offering a complete selection of coffee, snacks, cold drinks and food machines.

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Exact Vending Services

The maintenance of vending machines is as important to the Exact Vending team as the initial delivery, meaning our team always ensure that every one of our customers remains happy with the on-going service provided. We always guarantee a deep clean of your machine each and every time a restock takes place. This not only ensures compliance with food & drink hygiene regulations, but also entices people to use the machines more frequently.

Free Equipment

Our selection of free loan equipment provides a fantastically comprehensive selection of product types; whether you need a snack and can machine for a communal area or a hot and cold drink machine for the office, we can supply these machines and more.

We pride ourselves on being an independent provider of vending machines, ensuring a wide variety of choice for all our customers – letting you choose the right machines for your business. You’re able to choose from a wide selection of machine manufacturers including Westomatic, N & W, Stentorfiled, and National Vendors.

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Service & Maintenance

Here at Exact Vending, we know that a customer’s loyalty lies with quality of products and services – not just with a name. That’s why we not only strive to deliver nothing than the best for all of our customers, but also offer servicing and maintenance contracts on a rolling six month basis. Thanks to this approach, we ensure you really get the services you need.

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