Cashless Payment Systems

Benefits of Cashless Payment Systems to your Company

Reduced queuing times – 3 Times Faster than Cash!

Cashless Units operate much faster than Cash, so your staff don’t have to wait as long, and cup of coffee is hotter when they drink it.

Eliminate cash handling costs – No need for cash floats

No cash means all the headaches and worries about handling it correctly are gone.

Save time – No cash balancing required

When the final transaction is complete you are done. No need to cash up! Use the time saved for other tasks.

Reduce risk – Greater security

Cashless units can be left unsupervised during quiet times. There is no risk of theft or accidental loss of money.

Vending- Cashless Telemetry System

  • Complete system for the unattended vending machine market.
  • Supporting the entire business lifecycle management
    • Cashless payment
    • Terminal and VM online management
    • Telemetry back office Cash, Stock, Alerts, Route Planning and Business optimisation
  • Modular approach:
    • Support add/remove system modules
    • Open platform for integrators to add their own modules

Management Control

Any refunds or discounts can only be enabled by Management password control.

Management Information

Analyse all aspects of spending and take up of paid for facilities. For example who buys lunch and when they buy, what they spend. Find out how much hospitality spend is and how many visitors use the Vending machines.

More efficient hygiene routines

No cash means all the headaches and worries about handling it correctly are gone.

Positive cash flow

With pre-loading of credit onto the cards there is a positive cash flow situation. You receive the money loaded onto the cards in advance of when the actual sales take place.

Increased turnover on vending and snack machines with no down time for coin jams etc.

Always available vending, with no worries about coin jams or foreign coins.

Coordination of all paid for facilities

In many cases it is possible to use one plastic card for a variety of facility based uses, such Access Control, Car Park Entry, Photocopying Control and Cashless Catering and Vending.

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