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Food Machines

The popularity of fresh food vending machines has risen in the past few years as healthy eating has become a priority for consumers. Food vending machines are now in high demand as their popularity is continuing to increase. In line with the current trend, we have an excellent range of free food vending machines available here at Exact Vending. These food machines are ideal for various environments such as offices and canteens as they allow for easy access to different foods compared to more traditional vending machines.

Our food machines feature contactless and cashless payment systems, which are designed to provide quicker and more efficient vending for users. This eliminates the need for cash in the workplace so there is no cash balancing is required, resulting in greater security in your premises.

Our fresh food vending machines are compatible with many food options such as sandwiches, salads, fruits, yoghurts and more. So, you can provide your employees, customers and visitors with a greater variety of eating options. We will also complete a deep clean when restocking your food options to ensure that your machine is well maintained and so it complies with food hygiene regulations.

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Free Food Vending Machines

The great advantage of having free food vending machines in your workplace is that it allows your workforce to have access to food 24/7. This is a good way to keep morale high amongst your staff as you provide more benefits to those on your site. We have extensive experience in providing these machines to many different industries and sectors. So, whether you require one machine for a small office or several for a small canteen, we will meet your requirements with our specifications.

If you are looking to provide more nutritious meals such as sandwiches and paninis rather than snacks, we have got you covered with free food vending machines. Our fresh food vending machines are available on a nil cost/nil subsidy basis, so you can take advantage of a free machine at your workplace.

Take a look at our brochures to view our food vending machines in full and for more details on specifications and features. Alternatively, get in touch with us today if you are looking to install one of our vending machines at your business for expert guidance and advice from our friendly customer service team.

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