Discover The Importance Of Vending Machine Maintenance

Vending machines are useful pieces of machinery that are suitable for many environments such as hospitals, commercial areas, schools, hotels and retailers. However, like with all fine  pieces of machinery, regular servicing and maintenance is to be expected. With that in mind, this article we will take you through:

  • The servicing process of vending machines
  • The repair process of vending machines
  • Final points/considerations

Servicing Process 

The servicing process of vending machines is relatively straightforward but it is imperative that you do not cut corners when assessing the machines and that the service is done regularly. Keeping on top of your vending machine maintenance may cost a little in the short-term, but it can save you a great deal later down the line. 

The general servicing process involves cleaning vending machines, assessing their internal components, running diagnostic tests (for example, making sure the coins function properly once inserted into the machine) and making sure all mechanical parts are fully operational such as the snack dispenser coils. By doing this, it helps vending engineers to identify any potential problems and deal with them at an early stage, before they become a major issue and potentially become costly in the future.

Repairing Process 

Even the best machines may require repairs from time to time. Repairs can range from a simple bolt change to larger tasks such as smashed cabinet glass which requires a longer repairing process. 

Should an on-site repair be necessary, you can feel safe knowing that here at Exact Vending, we pride ourselves on our response times so you’ll never be waiting too long for one of our engineers to come and deal with your vending machine problems. In addition, we offer free on loan equipment, allowing us time to service your vending machine without causing long periods of vending machine downtime that could hurt your profits or prevent your staff from getting their snacks to help them throughout the day.

Final points/considerations

The basic equipment utilised for typical vending machine maintenance can be found below:

  • Keys for the locks to the vending machine 
  • Files for recording sales and inventory
  • Boxes for product for refill
  • Cleaning products, window cleaner for the display cabinet of the vending machine 
  • Paper towels for wiping
  • Spare parts in the event of any quick repairs to the machine
  • Wrench, screwdriver, and other tools useful in repairs

If full repair/servicing of the vending machine cannot be completed in a day, you need to get the service done as fast as possible by calling a vending machine engineer. This is to uphold sales volume and to reduce the number of customers with a negative undertone by finding your machine not in an operative state.  

Finally, should vending machine maintenance be conducted, a correct ‘out of use’ signage on the machine should be displayed to let the customers and public know not to interfere with the machine as it is being serviced. 
Fortunately, here at Exact Vending, we can offer you peace of mind when it comes to vending machine maintenance as we offer free maintenance service repairs. If you are in need of vending machine maintenance or general expert knowledge about our vending machine service, fill out our contact form or call us on 0800 542 1559.