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Benefits of Contactless Payments for Vending Machines

Paying using a contactless debit/credit card or with an NFC-enabled smart phone has become common place around the world in shops and on equipment such as vending machines. Most everyday transactions now happen just with the swipe or your card or device. But why has this become common place, and what are the benefits of contactless payments for equipment such as vending machines? We provide a free cashless payment system on our vending machines for a number of reasons, all aimed to benefit you. Here are the main benefits of cashless payment systems we feel can help you today.

Hygienic Non-Contact Means of Payment

As people become more and more health-conscious due to the coronavirus pandemic, a large amount of attention has been drawn to the passing of bacteria and germs from hands and objects. Keeping your hands regularly sanitised and clean is a great way to stop the spread of illnesses, but completely eliminating contact points that could house harmful bugs is the real perfect way of remaining safe.

This has become one of the major benefits of cashless payment systems.  Cash and change can carry any form of bacteria or virus that can live on its surface and can do for a long time. Whilst having cash is nice, you are never quite sure of where it has been or who has handled it before you. If you input larger amounts of money into a vending machine you will receive change back. Whether this is coins or cash, you never know what is living on it. With a contactless transaction, you have no need to handle any item that could hold germs, you do not even have to touch a pin code keypad. All you need to do is hold your own card over a scanner and you are sorted.

No Extra Costs and Promotes Quick Consumer Turnover

With the contactless systems that we provide, you do not have to spend any extra to have them included on your vending machines. This is a major benefit of cashless payment systems as reducing costs is a great way to increase the profits from your vending machines. The ease of use and quick nature of the payments also means that you can see a fast-moving, steady stream of customers for your vending machine. People will see that you have a quick queue and will not be put off by having to wait behind someone who is counting out their change. Again, this is a great benefit of contactless payments and a great way to increase generated revenue.

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Easy and Quick to Use

A major benefit of contactless payments is just how quick and easy to use they are. You simply input what it is you would like to purchase from our vending machines, hover your card over the scanner and you are done, no need to mess around counting out the correct amount of change or scrolling through your phone to try and remember what your pin number is.

The quick payment means that rather than spending time sorting out what you need to complete your transaction, you simply just purchase what you want in the blink of an eye, allowing you to move on with your day. Our cashless payment systems can increase the speed of transaction by up to three times, making them ideal for fast-paced environments with lots of footfall.

No Need for Cash Float or Cashing Up

As previously mentioned, a major benefit of cashless payment systems is the lack of need to continuously handle cash. Whilst this is beneficial for customers, it is just as beneficial for businesses. If you are handling cash you will need to keep afloat inside the machine for change, and you will have to cash up your takings at the end of the day. Eliminating this means that you do not have to spend as much time on this menial task, and can instead turn your attention elsewhere. Again, this is a very hygienic way of receiving your payments as you do not have to handle any money that has been touched by your customers. The telemetry system that we use gives you full control over your money and profits. You can add or remove system modules, view your takings over a period of time or even provide refunds or discounts.

The benefits of contactless payments for vending machines far outweigh any negatives that you can think of. They are clean, safe, easy to use and yield great results. Adding a free cashless payment system to your free vending machine is simple and easy to achieve. If you would like any further information regarding the overall benefits of cashless payment systems, or if you would like to ask one of our helpful team about the installation of our systems, simply get in touch with us today!