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We are the leading vending machine suppliers in the Midlands offering a complete selection of machines on a Nil Cost & Free On Loan basis.

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Exact Vending are leading regional vending machine suppliers in the Midlands, offering a complete selection of hot drinks, snack, cold drinks and food machines from some of the leading brands on a Nil Cost, Free On Loan basis. Our vending machines for sale are suitable for businesses, schools, hospitals and both public and private sectors. The areas we cover are Birmingham, Coventry and all across the Midlands. Get in touch with our team of friendly vending machine suppliers today for all your refreshment needs!

We are well-known, proven vending machine suppliers providing excellent service and products to our customers. Whether you work in a hotel, leisure centre, educational institute or in retail, we are trusted vending suppliers delivering a complete and all-around vending experience for our customers.

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Vending Machine Providers

Everyone has used vending machines to purchase their favourite products, and we are delighted to be the leading vending machine providers in the Midlands. We offer machines stocked with the all the best brands, from classic hot drink brands such as PG Tips, Ty-Phoo, Nescafe and Kenco, to incredible confectionaries such as Nestle’s KitKat and Aero, Mars, Walkers, Cadbury and much more.

From popular drink vending machines to coffee vending machines, we have a diverse range available on a nil cost basis. Alongside our popular drinks machines, we also provide food vending machines with a wide variety of options and the favourite snack vending machines which are popular in many sectors and industries.

Our bespoke service is unlike any other. As expert vending suppliers, we include a free vending machine, free filling and cleaning services as well as free maintenance and breakdown cover with an incredible average two-hour response time. As well as all of this, our vending machines have the option of a free contactless payment system, proven to reduce queuing times by up to three times. This is what makes us the leading vending machine providers in the UK!

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