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Vending Machines
Worcester, Stratford upon Avon

Welcome to Exact Vending – Worcester and Stratford upon Avon’s premier vending machine supplier. We supply our vending machines on a ‘Nil Subsidy’ agreement – there are no long-term contracts to sign or rentals to agree. We are essentially offering our machines free of charge.

In addition we also deliver a full and free ‘fill and clean’ service on all our vending machines. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will visit your site and replenish your machine to ensure stocks are high at all times, as well as comprehensively cleaning and sanitising the equipment. We would be delighted to take a weight off your mind.

Coffee Machine, Drink Machine

We have a whole range of vending solutions available to meet every requirement. We could supply you with either a floor standing or table top coffee machine, which both serve traditional hot drinks alongside more continental options.

We also supply cold drinks thanks to our comprehensive drink machine solutions. Everything from Coca Cola canned and bottled fizzy drinks to still water is catered for, to ensure that your staff and clients can find something enjoyable to quench their thirst in your new drink machine.

Snack Machine

A snack machine manufactured by the likes of Westomatic and N & W will ensure a wide selection of confectionary and hot/cold snacks. And the best bit is that there are no ties with us. Our philosophy is that high quality snack machine should be available on a rolling six-month basis.

Professional Vending Machine Supplier

As a unique vending machine supplier we also offer a FREE maintenance service. Preventative maintenance is crucial in preventing equipment breakdown, and can actually prove a cost-effective investment in prolonging the lifespan of your machine.

If you require the services of an expert vending machine supplier in Worcester or Stratford upon Avon then look no further than Exact Vending. Why not contact us today on 01905 852 242 to see what we can do for you.

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