Why Vending Machines Improve Company Morale

Ever since the first coin operated vending machine came into existence in London during the early 1880’s, there has been a need for vending companies to show continued innovation in design, functionality and the products available to customers.

Snack machines have always been a popular and key investment for public facilities and medium to large sized companies; but how much do organisations actually know or understand about how to get the best deal or a return on investment for any products sold from them?

Promotion is Essential

Effective promotion is a key factor which can really increase the popularity of vending machines, but why the distinct lack of television promotion by key brands such as Pepsi and Coca Cola in recent years? A lot of people over the age of 30 may recall a few famous advertisements with vending machines such as the Pepsi commercial featuring Michael J Fox back in 1986 asking “has anyone got any spare change?”

Vending machines really hit home, reach out and address many people’s psyches, creating an illusion of food and drink that’s almost untouchable without having to play a little game to gain access to it. Let’s face it, half the fun in buying a snack from a snack machine over picking it up off a shelf is keying in the number of your favourite product and watching your product edge ever closer to your beady eyes before the big drop.

The Rejuvenation of the Vending Machine

Although still remaining a popular part of the office furniture, vending machines have been rejuvenated behind the scenes, with new technologies to stop that annoying dilemma of products getting stuck after purchase, and in improving the aesthetics of the unit to entice custom.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/salimfadhley/418244440/

After all, there is little that is more deterring than seeing respectable individuals shaking a vending machine to get what they paid for! A sign of this innovation can now be seen with an emphasis on healthy eating and a consciousness of allergies, so much so that some vending companies now stock products with no added sugar, and even gluten or dairy free items.

Without much support in the way of commercial television or billboard advertising from big brands such as Dr Pepper which are often vended, a few key vending suppliers are now thinking outside the box to drive interest in their machines by gaging the demographics a lot better, following the trend in demand for healthier products in Leisure or Sports Complexes, and varying the size of their machines dependant on demand or company size.

Vending Machines and Employee Morale

Many companies appreciate that it can often be hard to boost staff confidence and job satisfaction; so a vending machine could really go some way to being a quick snack solution to keep both the employer and employee happy. You may ask, what is the benefit to your company?

At Exact Vending we realise the importance of understanding the desire of customers (which often varies between industries) and the needs of all companies. Professionals always require food ‘on the go’, but why waste valuable working time walking out of the office to grab a refreshment, or a bite to eat?

Eating on the go
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21364588

With costs lower than many newsagents and supermarkets; and with the bulk of profits being invested into your employers finances; having a vending machine can result in an increase in company profit margin, whilst improving the effectiveness of the workforce.