Weird and Wonderful Vending Machines from Around the World

Our bespoke services include a free machine and a free fill of snacks and beverages, among others advantages – we thought that was innovative enough. Clearly we were wrong, as we discovered that the bespoke services of others include offerings of live lobsters, hairy crabs, mashed potatoes and even toilet paper! We’ve rounded up 7 weird and wonderful vending machines as a testament to their versatility, popularity and convenience.

1. The Live Lobster Vending Machine, LA


Source: Flickr

Satisfying the cravings of commuters for a meal more exquisite than convenient, these arcade-style machines guarantee a lobster for your cash but not that you’ll get it home without a subway incident or two. The safer option is to let the restaurant, where the machine is found, cook it for you – if you’re lucky enough to manage bagging a lobster they’ll do it for free!

2.Rice Vending Machine, Japan


Source: Flickr

And we’re talking 10 kilos of rice per bag here, not your ordinary 1 kilo fits-in-your-backpack variety. There are eight types of rice to choose from, a clear demonstration of discernment and convenience.

3. Hairy Crabs, China


Source: Wikimedia

Yes, each one comes in its own protective casing. Clearly the live lobsters gave someone insight into the pitfalls of dropping live and pinchy sea creatures into customers’ hands! Perfect for an impulse dinner idea on the way home from work.

4. Mashed Potatoes, Singapore


Source: Wikipedia

A favourite of Singapore’s student population, these machines offer a cheap yet nourishing hit of instant mash potato, serving up something of a culinary trend.

5. Eggs, Milk and Cheese Vending Machine, Germany


Source: Wikipedia

Refrigerated dairy vending machines cater to commuters and shift-workers who have missed the supermarkets, or who can’t find one near enough to their route. Or if you’re feeling particularly low on calcium or protein and need an instant nutritional hit then toss a couple of Euros in the slot and down a cheeky pint – of milk.

6. Baguette Vending Machine, Paris


Source: Wikimedia

Of course! Because there aren’t enough places to absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt secure a baguette in Paris at any time of any day… Just to be sure, they made a vending machine. No-one can say the French don’t take their bread seriously!

7. Toilet Paper Vending Machine, Japan

Toilet paper

Source: Wikipedia

We’ve all been there – caught short on a public toilet and with not a shred of toilet paper in sight. Since subway toilets are not known for the cleanliness of their offerings, someone invented this: the toilet paper vending machine.

The astute observer will notice that – while weird and wonderful – all of these vending machines serve niche markets, supplying a clear demand. It’s because vending machines so often supply unique, local markets that we place such a strong emphasis on bespoke solutions designed to cater specifically to our customers and clients. Give us a call to find out more or to discuss your weird and wonderful requests with a friendly member of staff.