Should secondary schools have vending machines?

When you think of vending machines, you’ll probably think of hospital waiting rooms, offices, warehouses, or maybe even universities… but what about schools?

It’s not as common but there are many advantages to installing vending machines in secondary school. So let’s take a look at just some of them.

Great for energy boosts and focus

Everybody knows that mid-morning and after lunch, people start to lag – they become less productive and struggle to pay attention. A quick snack can give them the energy boost they need to give you their complete focus.

Now, before you say it… the snacks you stock don’t have to be completely unhealthy – you can stock healthy choices too, including fresh fruit, cereal bars, and energy bars. Granted – you can’t make a child choose the healthy option every time but you can definitely give them the choice.

Keeps your students on-site

Anything you can do to keep students on-site during the school day is always a good thing. There’s always that risk they’ll pop out for a snack during their lunch break and never come back. A vending machine will mean they don’t have to go anywhere to get the treat they’re craving.

Easy way to raise money

When you consider that you can get a free machine, free fill and clean service, and free maintenance and breakdown cover, you will find that you don’t have a lot of outgoings in order to maintain your vending machine. Which means you can make money from it – whether that’s to go towards equipment, school books, educational trips… whatever it may be, a vending machine is an easy way to raise money.

Stops people becoming playground tycoons

Most schools have at least one student who buys multipacks of crisps, chocolate bars, and drinks for an absurd price. Teachers very rarely encourage this kind of behaviour but there’s not much that they can do to stop it, short of suspending someone.

If you buy a vending machine, you’re able to make snacks easily accessible to those who want them – not just for an affordable price, but also with more control over what snacks are being offered. As we’ve already mentioned, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy snacks!

Can help improve snacking habits

With every vending machine, you have an element of control over what you stock – it doesn’t just have to be chocolate bars, sweets, and crisps. You can stock fruit, granola bars, and other healthy snacks.

You might think that students won’t go for them but you’d be surprised. It’s easier for them to get hold of than a chocolate bar so it gives you the potential to help improve their snacking habits – something both them and their parents will thank you for in the long run.

Students never have to skip lunch again

Let’s face it; it’s not unusual for someone to forget his or her lunch occasionally. And when someone does, they generally have 3 options: leave school grounds to go and buy something, ask a friend if they’ll share their lunch, or skip lunch altogether.

Having a vending machine on-site means nobody ever has to go without food at lunchtime again.

The reality is secondary school students aren’t always going to make healthy food choices, whether you have a vending machine on site or not. But, by having one, you’re able to have some control over the snacks they can choose from, you’ll find that your students are more focused, and you’ll be able to raise money at the same time. So when it comes to asking the question ‘should secondary schools have vending machines?’ the answer is yes.