Is it Worth Having an Office Coffee Machine?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the workplace and is an important part of office culture. It is also widely believed to help people stay productive and alert, and even improve short-term memory! So stick with us as we explore some of the reasons why your company should ensure they have an office coffee machine.


Many people are all too familiar with disheartening office kitchens where the coffee-making facilities leave a lot to be desired. Office workers are all too often confronted with a row of dusty, uninviting mugs lined along a shelf, whilst other cups are shoved on the draining-board, half-filled with unappetising dregs of cold coffee, often next to a smelly cloth. Furthermore, woe betides anyone who mistakenly takes a colleague’s favourite mug!

Dirty dishes

Installing a coffee machine helps eliviate this problem and with our free filling and maintenance service it removes the hassle of organising a staff rota to wash-up and buy the milk, and is also much more hygienic on every level, with no mugs needed!

Greater Convenience:

The alternative to making coffee in the workplace is for employees to leave the office and buy their drinks elsewhere. This however has several disadvantages – Firstly, this takes time and reduces productivity, whilst secondly, it is often much more expensive.


A coffee machine is extremely convenient, and will prove popular with employees and can be tailored to the requirements of your staff. Snack machines can be supplied with an extensive range of favourite snacks, as well as a selection of coffee and drinks machines. Of course, no-one wants to drink poor-quality coffee, which is why we only supply top brands, such as Kenco and Cadbury.

Time-Saving and Convenient:

Our machines are undoubtedly time-saving appliances so say goodbye to employees hanging around waiting for the kettle to boil, and bid adieu to washing up sessions and last-minute dashes to the shop to buy more milk. Grabbing a delicious coffee from a machine is much quicker than waiting for a kettle to boil. Our coffee machines come with free milk, sugar and stirrers, ensuring that your workplace will be easy to keep clean and tidy.


We believe that our vending machines make good economic sense and there are no long-term contracts, just a series of vending solutions that can be individually tailored to the needs of your company.