How Seasons Affect the Types of Snacks We Consume

In the past, people always ate what was in season. There would be different fruits and vegetables available in the spring, summer and autumn, and in the winter they would often live off foods with long storage lives, such as cabbage and potatoes.

Today, we have the added luxury of choosing what foods to eat all year round, but the seasons still have the ability to affect our choices.

The Summer Months

Ice cream

People tend to crave cold or refreshing snacks during the summer. Ice cream is perhaps the most famous summer snack, and vendors and shops sell a myriad of flavours, from classics like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, to inventions like bubblegum and mint. Ice pops and Slushies are also popular, and can help cool you down on a hot day.

People like to picnic when the weather is warm, and bring along classic summer treats like watermelon. Light salads are popular during the summer, and in countries like Italy and Spain people snack on cured ham with pineapple or melon.


All around the world, people like to pair their summer snacks with light, refreshing drinks like lemonade. Adults might prefer lager or cider, and bartenders go crazy making mojitos, piña coladas and daiquiris.

The Winter Months

During the winter, warm and hearty foods are all the rage. On a cold day, people love to drink hot chocolate, and snack on anything toasted. Coffee, while popular all year round, is especially appealing during the winter for its power to warm up your hands while you drink. Dark chocolate, and other rich treats, are also a favourite winter snack.

Hot chocolate

At home, people might make hearty dishes like potato, beetroot and mushroom pies, or any variety of stews. Nuts are popular snacks during the winter, especially when baked or roasted and adults might like to pair their snacks with a dark ale or stout, or take a shot of whiskey or port to keep the cold away.

Today we have more culinary choices than people did in the past, but seasonal foods are still a big deal – we don’t have to eat based on the calendar, but certain foods are fresher and more appealing at certain times.

How We Can Help

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